About Us

 Charles Mason

Artist and owner of Boulder Works and the creative force behind stonegifts.


To achieve a quality image, each mask is hand prepared and carefully applied before blasting.

"Sand" Carving

For a safer work-place; we blast each piece by hand using high pressure garnet instead of sand.


To achieve a natural weathered look, our metal is hand patinated. No paints or faux finishes are used.


Each piece of slate is sorted by texture, color and thickness to ensure quality and control waste.


Slate must be split by hand in order to reveal the natural clefting and warm earth tones.


Our Chief Entertainment Officer; Scout the shop dog and winter leg warmer.


We use actual stone quarried from the earth, not artificial resins. Therefore colors and textures in our products can vary. This natural beauty is what makes our products one of a kind.


Inspired by Nature, Crafted by Hand, Carved in Stone

At Boulder Works dba "stonegifts", we produce quality gifts and home decor items made from natural stone and patina metals. We use actual stone quarried from the earth -- not artificial resins. Therefore, the color and texture in our products can vary greatly, even when using the same stone. This natural and random beauty is what makes our products special - every Stone Gift product is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure! Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that your order is produced and processed in a timely fashion and holds up to the high standards of quality that you expect. All of our products are hand-crafted in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Our History

Charles Mason is the owner and creative force behind Stonegifts. While a student at the University of Colorado Engineering School, Charles began creating custom furniture and functional art in stone and steel. In time, an entire line of decorative and functional home accents was developed and in 1997, Quarry Collection was born. Charles finds his inspiration for products in the rugged and beautiful landscape of Colorado. He focuses on etching in stone and has developed his own tools and techniques to enhance the beauty of these natural materials. Over the years, new products and new production methods have helped expand the Quarry Collection line now sold online at Stonegifts.com. But our commitment to using only natural materials and environmentally safe production methods has remained.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

We pride ourselves on following environmentally responsible practices. Our products are designed and produced to make maximum use of each piece of stone, thereby reducing waste. Throughout the production process, we follow the practices of reclamation, reuse, and recycling of materials.

Thanks you for your support the last 15 years!