Natural Slate Coasters & Coaster Sets

Our coaster are made with natural slate stone and feature exclusive designs from artist Charles Mason. Every piece is hand made in Colorado with quarried slate. Every piece is individual and unique as we do not use fake, faux, or resin stone/slate look-a-like materials which can be toxic and brittle. We believe in using real slate for our coasters because they are eco-friendly, long lasting, naturally beautiful, and most importantly they are not toxic to humans, animals, or the environment.

Classic Series – This is the series we originally started with. Classic coasters are made with copper mine slate quarried from Brazil and have a laser etched square design with a wide border.

Medallion Series – This series features a rounded laser etched design on the coaster and we use a special layering to make the laser etched design stand out (due to the polishing of the slate it is the hardest series to get pictures of).

Natura Series – Our nature inspired collection. This series is made with our highest quality slate and requires the most time to create due to the complexity and uniqueness of the elegant designs.

Quarry Series – This series offers a high quality slate and the entire trivet is used as the canvas for the design. The Quarry series can be considered our landscape design collection.

Tumbled Series – Tumbling is the process of spinning/tumbling slate pieces on their corners. This artistic process gently chips away at the edges of the slate and creates a natural looking stone edge and finish. Our tumbled series is made with either Sandstone Slate or Travertine Slate. Travertine is a stronger slate and creates a roughened edge when it is tumbled. Sandstone is a softer slate and when it is tumbled it creates a natural jagged look. We do not put any designs on these coasters because we believe the natural look of these two types of slates are beautiful and don’t need any additional accents.

Petite Series – This is our micro coaster series. They are great for side tables, mini bars, coffee tables, etc. They are made with a buff slate and feature an edge to edge design.