Cinder Block Garden

Old cinder blocks can be used in a pot plant like manner. Stacking them in an interesting, unique way, and adding some nutrient rich soil, makes for a perfect home for your herbs or small decorative plants. Where previously there was only a boring brick wall, and concrete pathing, with seemingly nowhere to put any plants or other forms of outdoor decor, there is now a gorgeous feature garden made from cinder blocks! Great for modern and old styled homes alike, this invention hardly even takes up any space!

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Fork GrasshoppersI’ve seen quite a few different inventions developed from cutlery lately, and I love them all, but these fork grasshoppers are by far the most unique! Great for decorating your coffee table, desk or mantelpiece, these clever little creatures are just one of many ideas you could come up with when making your own cutlery creation. Give it a try, think outside the box! Or rather, think inside the cutlery draw…

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Light Globe Terrariums

Got some old burned out light globes you need to get rid of? With a bit of care and precision, little terrarium’s such as these can be made, adding a small, desk friendly nature space to your boring old office or mantelpiece. Other glass containers such as jars can also be used if you don’t have any light globes like this floating around. Think not of the irritation and frustration of a blown globe, but rather, see it as a chance to be creative.

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Pipe LampAn interesting piece of knotted wood and some recycled metal piping, can be used to create a unique, rustic styled desk lamp for your home or workplace. This is another great, eco-friendly invention using recyclable materials and a bit of good old fashioned ingenuity.

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By re purposing some jars and some old wooden blocks, a unique, rustic styled chandelier can be created. Change your old ‘junk’ from being useless to useful with simple but fantastic inventions like this!

Repurposed Chandelier

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Repurposed Wooden Crates

Recycled wooden crates make for a great centre piece or coffee table in an area such as a living room. All you need to do is get four wooden crates and attach them together in a way similar to or the same as shown in the photo, and add a fitting object in the centre to add the finishing touch! Not only does it look good, it has very handy shelves/compartments underneath, on all four sides, that you can store many things in, such as magazines or books.

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Recycled Skateboard Seat

This is a great use of old, unused skateboards. By adding a frame and covering the boards with neoprene, the same material used to make wetsuits, a comfortable chair can be made to suit both indoor and outdoor environments.

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Repurposed RakeGot an old metal rake you don’t need any more? Recycle it! Turn it into a kitchen utensil hanger, a tool hanger in your shed, or maybe even a toothbrush hanger in the bathroom! You could use this nice little idea for lots of different uses in many areas around your property, get creative!

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Rustic Spring Stools

What an awesome use for large old springs that aren’t being used for their original purpose any more! Along with rustic interior decoration, these spring stools  would suit being in many places such as a garage, tool shed or workshop as a unique and interesting addition to each space. They could also serve great as an outdoor garden decoration. If you own a lot of land, having these rustic spring stools around the property would be great for providing a place to sit and rest without uglying up the surrounding area. What would you use this unique invention for?

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Pallet Recycling Idea

This is a great use for an old pallet. By putting in wooden planks on one side of each pair of support beams, and then turning the pallet on its end, shelves can be made to hold a many number of things such as: tools, spare parts, decorations or, as shown in the picture, different kinds of herbs and plants. How would you put this neat pallet invention to good use?

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