For millions of years, stone has held an ancient beauty, time-laden scriptures laced throughout with grains of sand, that create a beauty all its own.  Achieving a primitive, rustic look to your home décor would not be complete without the help of the ambience of limestone, marble, or other granite materials to adorn your walls and tables.

Stone products and gifts are becoming popular in today’s market as we strive to capture a simpler, more naturalistic feel for what the earth has to offer.  Rustic décor is made up of outdoor qualities that bring an intrinsic feel to our homes in appreciation of the evolving spirit of nature.  Sand carving of stone help artists further achieves the forte of a realistic, rugged presence.

Wall art using deeply sanded, carved slate is an example of the radiance brought about by millions of years of stone being washed and rewashed by streams and runoffs of mountains.  Ripples, river rock or woodlands, marking rugged slate, mounted side by side on a bare wall, can accent your room with natural essence.  Surrounded by a frame of primitive metal further enhances the charm. Read the rest of this entry »

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