Different Gift Ideas

Whether it is Christmas time, birthday or any other occasion where tradition demands a gift, it can be difficult to come up with the right item. There are only so many neckties, perfumes and gift basket a person can buy before they feel like a real scrooge. Besides, it is nice to give a gift that someone remembers for at least a little while. If you have been on the prowl for something different to give as a gift then unique stone gifts may be your answer.

Unique Stone Gifts

This little company has been in business for over 12 years, every since the artist and owner was in college. He created furniture and home décor products out of natural stone and steel. Before long, the pieces had grown and the small company was formed.

The products are all made from natural quarried stone, not resins or stone look a likes. This gives each piece a unique color and look taken from the wild outdoors of Colorado. The designs are inspired by nature, crafted by hand and set in stone. Definitely a unique gift idea for the home or office situation.

Home Décor

For home décor gifts, you will find a wide variety of ideas. There are hot plates, trivets, and even coasters crafted from fine slate and copper as well as many other combinations of stone and metal. There are many designs to choose from as well, while most of the pieces inspiration comes from the great outdoors, such as the moose, bear or bobcat prints on stone coasters, there are also Zen and kokopelli designs to choose from.

There 8×8 trivets are a real crowd pleaser as they are so versatile. Use them to decorate a counter, as wall art or simply display it anywhere in unique trivet holder. You have your choice of moose, elk, and bear in aspens, cowboy boot, kikopelli, aspens or grizzly tracks.


Do you want to liven up the office a touch? Bring a little bit of the fresh outdoors into your stuffy workplace? Unique stone gifts have just the merchandise for you. They have rustic look business card holders, ornate hooks for employee’s jackets, and coasters for any event. There is even a set of coasters in a holder depicting a gecko, wonder which company could use a set of them!

Spruce up your office or give your boss something special this year to show your appreciation. You can bet he or she will not get dozens of these gifts like they do neck ties and bath beads! This is the kind of gift that makes you memorable.


Step outside the box and opt for a gift with a little flare and a whole lot of nature. Natural stone gifts make a great present for just about anyone you can think about. Head on over to the website today and discover the best-kept secret in gift giving. There are designs for just about everyone, golfers, fly fishermen, Chinese symbols for the elements, dragonfly and many more.

Written on July 16th, 2010 & filed under Uncategorized