Natural textures and colors are a popular choice and a rapidly growing trend home decorating design and décor. Stone décor elements provide the perfect addition to any decorating scheme that uses stone or ceramic tiling and earth tones. Stone art works well with earthy browns and grays and even ads grit to shades of green, blue, or purple.

Natural stone artwork is right at home in a rustic log cabin or a room with the same natural decorating elements or rustic theme. Add stone picture frames with your favorite family photos to a fireplace mantel or an oak bookshelf. Stone coasters are a perfect addition to any room and work exceptionally well for the purpose they were intended. They are easy to clean and last forever.

Stone switch plate covers look perfect in a home office. Use on gray or taupe walls and combine with several stone picture frames on a wooden desk or file cabinet. Add a rustic business card holder to the room’s theme or a letter holder and your decorating will be complete.

Stone switch plates look great in bathrooms too. Stone tiling is a popular option for bathroom floors and adding a touch of natural stone décor will unify the room.  Add a coaster candle plate on the back of a toilet or counter top for interest and ambience.

Rustic decorating themes give a home or a room a relaxed and inviting feel.  Adding touches of stone décor adds an element of quality and stability. Stone can anchor a room while giving it a feeling of permanence.  It blends well with the traditional colors of the rustic theme, reds, blacks, browns, and greens.

Natural stone artwork also looks incredible with modern decorating themes. The angular shapes and designs compliment that geometric patterns so often used. Triangles and hard edges, clean shapes and silver accents all blend into this home interior décor. Stone blends well with the colors that are popular with this theme as well, the purples, blacks, and silver.

Stone décor pieces make a perfect gift for the holiday season or any other occasion.  Anything made of stone has a feeling of quality and class.  Stone coasters are something everyone can use, as are stone picture frames.  Include a special picture in the frame to make it more personal.

For corporate gift giving, stone business card holders and letter holders are a perfect option. They are something people don’t usually buy for themselves, but do enjoy having. They are a perfect gift option for friends, bosses, or clients. Natural stone gifts are something everyone can enjoy and keep for years to come.

Written on July 16th, 2010 & filed under Uncategorized