The Old West is a favorite theme for many people, who like to dress up in a Stetson and boots and hit the line dancing clubs. There is no reason why this fascination with America’s history cannot be indulged at home too with rustic décor since it is becoming increasingly popular. Whether it is used for the home or workplace, a homely ranch type rustic feeling is ideal for the cowboy or cowgirl at heart.

These decorating items are easily available online, enabling the enthusiast to have a rustic décor theme in just one room or throughout a building. There are a number of companies that sell stone and slate items for the home. The most popular motifs are slate tiles, slate coasters, stone coasters, stone tiles and more. These items evoke a simpler time, of campfires, rodeos and driving herds across the range! Many hotels and holiday cabins employ this theme as well, especially in western resorts.

Everything in the home can be incorporated into rustic décor. A room, furnished in wood and leather will benefit from finishing touches such as slate tiles, slate coasters, stone coasters and stone tiles. Furniture can be enhanced by just the right doorknob and drawer pull. It is important that the choice of lighting sets the right tone, with the appropriate floor lamps, switch plates, picture frames and clocks.

Any bedroom can have a relaxing and cozy ambience as well, Western throwovers and duvet sets help to achieve this. Children’s bedrooms can be made a fun place with scenes from the old west with rustic wall decor and rugs. The kitchen too can carry on a rustic décor theme with candle companions, trivets & hot plates, coasters, cruet sets, napkin rings and wine racks. Bathroom items with south western motifs are available as well.

The walls can be decorated with rustic wall decor with wall vases declaring welcoming sentiments. The area outside the home can also be given the rustic décor treatment with a fire pit, boot scraper, weather vane and door knockers.

In addition to home décor items, there is a range of south western themed items for the office. Great gifts such as business card holders, letter holders and coaster sets, for more information and to browse our wide selection of rustic decor head over to

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