It does not matter if you live in the country surrounded by cows and dairy farms, or if you live in a high rise apartment in a large metropolitan city, Rustic Chic, New Wave Recycled, Shabby Chic, or Folk Art Décor are just different ways of saying rustic decorating. It does not mean tacky, or cheap, nor does it mean having a tractor tire as base for you ficus tree, it can be as simple as a couple of classic metal tractor toys displayed in a glass curio cabinet in your son’s room.

The next time there is a farm sale nearby, stop in, look around and see what is there you can repurpose into a focal point in a special room of your home. Example: Farm Sale, 40’ roll of barbed wire, $1.00.

Option 1, take it home, spray paint it with a little silver spray paint, and then dust it with a little orange spray paint for a rust effect. Coil the wire into an 18 to 24” circle, wind a wide ribbon in a spiral around the wire leaving the tails long enough to tie a large double bow just off center from the top of the coil. Add some dried or artificial flowers or fall leave springs, a few berries or even a bird’s nest and you have a stunning wreath for over the mantel.

Option 2, Leave it natural, dusting off any cobwebs or other organic matter if they don’t suit you. Carefully fasten lightweight chain in three equidistant locations around the coil so that when the chains are hooked together at the top the coil will hang level. Hang over an island or other barren space in the kitchen, or sun porch, use pretty ribbons to tie bunches of roses or lavender for drying.

Option 3, Using the same coil, paint black using gloss or satin spray paint, carefully lace mini Christmas lights in the color combination of your choosing (crystal clear make the best for providing soft illumination). Leave plain or finish with a seasonal or neutral bow, it can be hung as a wreath or an interesting lighting fixture over a bistro table on the porch or balcony, using the chain method below.

Option 4, skip the sale and go have a latte, and when you are shopping in a trendy boutique, notice the cool herb drying rack made from barbed wire for $99. Go figure.

Even the décor in a modern ultra-minimalist bedroom can take something from this style and make it work, use a beautiful long Birch branch as a coat rack, put an old candy tin on your dresser for your change or rings, taking the traditional lodge look and making it work in your home, that is the true essence of Rustic Decorating.

Written on September 11th, 2011 & filed under Uncategorized