Whether you have a small get away cottage or large home and are looking for a way to give your home that timeless beauty and charm only a rustic décor can provide you are going to want to consider the use of slate or stone styles throughout your home.

From the walkway leading to your front door, to the patio in back, and throughout the house itself, slate and stone tiles can add charm, warmth, and originality that no other material can match. Slate and stone tiles come in a variety of colors, shades, and styles and can be used for almost every surface from walkways, to flooring, to walls, to counter tops.

These tiles add an earthy quality and color that is so essential to creating a rustic look and feel to any home giving it a unique personality and ambiance all its own. These tiles are resistant to slips, stains, and fire making them an ideal choice of decorating materials.

Used as flooring slate and stone tiles are incredibly durable and safe. Their natural slip resistant surface makes them especially good choices in kitchens and bathrooms though they look great in every room in the house.

Red slate or stone tiles look especially well as accents for kitchen walls and on counter tops. The warm glow these tiles create makes guests want to linger and gives the sense of comfort to any kitchen. Matched with wood cabinets in a light wood or painted white, they brighten the kitchen and make it a comfortable place to work and gather.

Lighter slate or stone tiles in the bathroom, gives this room a warm cozy feel, and when matched with bright colored thick bath towels adds radiance and charm to even the smallest bathroom.

In the living room a slate or stone tile floor sets off that rustic furniture especially log furniture and matching slate or stone coasters can be purchased to match the flooring and help bring the entire room together in a creative way.

A slate tile mantle on a stone fireplace not only adds additional charm to your décor but adds the feel of timelessness to your room. It is easy to picture such a fireplace with an arrangement of candles or decorated for the holidays so that it just oozes with comfort and warmth.

Not only are slate and stone tiles durable and safe but they are easy to maintain as well. Simply give them a damp mop and they look terrific. No shampooing carpets, or striping like with wood floors, these tiles practically maintain themselves.

What makes them even more appealing is that they are cheaper to purchase than many other flooring and wall treatments are quite simple to find.

Most home centers carry a varied selection of slate and stone tiles. You can also purchase them from tile shops or you can go straight to a stone yard to select the more rough hewn tiles.

Slate or stone tiles can give your home the rustic look you are striving for while adding natural warmth, charm and personality to your home that will make it both comfortable and distinguished.

Written on March 3rd, 2011 & filed under Uncategorized